Candy Cane Fun with Tutorial

We love
The Sampler and for the upcoming Dec/Jan mailer we're sending in candy cane themed crafts. We made these lovely little beaded ornaments along with shrinky dink charms.

These ornaments are old school and reminded us of Grandma's house, so we wanted to share them with all of you. Here is how we made them:

6mm round beads
cartwheel beads
24-gague wire
needle-nose pliers

1. Cut about 9" of wire.
2. On one end of the wire, make a small loop and slip on one round bead.
3. Add cartwheel or tri-beads in any colors you'd like. We used 22/10mm beads on our ornaments.
4. On end of remaining wire add another round bead and make a small loop to hold beads in place .
5. Shape into a candy cane and add pretty ribbon or string for hanging.


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