hidden gem

while searching the internet for stores in orange county that carry lamb's pride yarn i came across suzoo's wool works. to my joy i found that they are located right down the street from my office in costa mesa, in a business complex that i used to work in. holy cow! i couldn't believe my luck.
i made the trip the very first chance i had. it's definitely a hidden gem in orange county; it's nestled in the far corner of a very businessy business complex. i felt like an explorer discovering a new world on my first trip.
walking through the front door i didn't expect the wonderfulness that was waiting just around the corner through the next doorway. as i walked in i was blown away, there in front of me was knitter's paradise. shelves of yarn and books, racks of needles and other goodies, a table of friendly ladies working on their projects and chatting. i couldn't take it all in. wow! and all this existed right down the street from me. i was weak in the knees.
suzoo's shop is only open a few days a week, which has turned out to be a very good thing for my wallet. every couple weeks i visit on my lunch break to add yarn to my stash. oftentimes there are ladies sitting around chatting and helping each other with projects. they always ask what i am working on. it makes me feel like i belong to a secret club.
all of this was hidden in a business complex in costa mesa. if you are a yarn fan, get yourself to suzoo's. you will be glad that you did.



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It's the most wonderful feeling to stumble on a real find...I know the feeling. There is an incredible little store in old town Fullerton that stocks mostly vintage items. Everything from paper and ephemera to old silk flowers, feathers, lace, fabric, and there are thousands of yards of ribbon and old hat veiling. Also, I went nuts over the old jewelry findings and stones, and last trip left with some vintage crepe paper and chenille stuff. A creative persons nirvana! Check it out...it's right off Harbor, and is called Saltwater Designs. They have some high profile artists coming through there as well, like Leslie McCabe, and Nicole Sayer (spelled right?). Worth checking out. Wendy

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