Fabric Fest Pt. 1: Fabrics for Free

How can you get free fabric? There are so many great fabrics to purchase online and I'm sure there is a great fabric store in the town you live in, but there are some of us who may hardly have enough money for rent, electricity, and some groceries. Your last three dollars are spent in the aisles of a thrift store to find a treasure. If you want to sew a bag, pillow case or stuffed cutie, $9.00 a yard is out of the question. Here are some ideas that may be your solutions to this dilema.
CLOTHING: Clean out your closet, clean out your mom's, ask around, see if any girlfriends have old clothes to get rid of. Here are the clothing and accessories that I have cut up and used:
Scarves and Bandanas. They come in all sorts of materials like cotton, silk, polyester blends, rayon. Sew them together to make one large patchwork piece of fabric. Make small coinpurses. Make a scrap quilt.
Jeans. Cut them up and use them to make all sorts of sturdy goodies. I love the texture and color of denim with cotton prints.
Ties. Men's ties have all sorts of amazing patterns and textures. Here is a small purse I made from a psychedelic tie:

LINENS: Old sheets, curtains, towels, other linens, etc... If only I kept all my old bed sheet sets...Garfield, snoopy, holly hobby. If you "Ain't too proud to beg" ask around the neighborhood, put up a flyer in your local coffee shop, or put an add in craigslist. You never know who has the dopest vintage goodies in the back of their linen closets. Here is a sample of a tote I made from a vintage sheet given to me by a friend:

Leftovers or Never-Been-Used Fabrics: Don't forget your crafty friends and family. If they know your looking for great fabrics they'll always hook you up. You wouldn't believe the bags full of fabric I have recieved from my quilting mommy-in-law and her best friend. My crafty auntie in Madera also sends me lots of fabrics. Here is a pic of of one of my hauls from my generous Aunt Beth:


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