Chebang! News: Club Shrinky Freak

At Chebang!, the very 1st Club Shrinky Freak package is going out to its members. We are thrilled and can't wait for you to get this little bundle of goodness. In this package you'll recieve the Shrink Sheet newsletter with shrink related templates, articles and even poetry. You'll also get a handmade rollerskate charm, and your very own official Club Shrinky Freak pin.

If you haven't signed up for the club yet and you want to join in the fun, GO HERE.


speaking of skulls...

while we are on the subject of skulls, i will share a skull cap that i just finished for matt.

matt's head is on the small side so he has a really hard time finding beanies that fit well. luckily, i found a pattern in a book at the library (i am pretty sure the book was hollywood knits style) that fits him really well and knits up really quick.

i did modify the pattern a bit. i adapted it so it could be knit in the round rather than flat. at matt's request, i added a little extra length so the beanie covers his ears.

i used red heart acrylic yarn in the green camo color way which turned into neat-o stripes as i knit.


Skull Bag

It's funny that Shari posted about my love of skulls, because I've been working on a new bag with what else, but a skull applique. I can't seem to escape their somewhat scary and humorous faces. This one is not the final product, though I feel it's close to the actual design. I feel like it needs a few tweeks here and there. Let me know what you think.

I absolutely love working with wool felt. It's so versatile and strong. It takes lots of wear and tear and it holds is shape well. It's nice to work a bag like a sculpture. If you look through the handle you can glimpse the first attempt at making this new bag. It turned out a bit out of shape. I tried to keep the seams inside, but it just bunched up when I reversed it. The felt was too stiff. That is why all the seams are on the outside on this new one. I like the blanketstitch look anyway. It makes it look very finished and handcrafted.


It's about the Hair

I just finished these assorted heart barrettes for a special order and so I kept on with the theme.
Here's one with a flower:

And then today I was reading on Style Bakery about how "in" skulls are. You don't have to tell Silvia of Chebang that though. She practically started that whole thing quite some time ago! So here is my contribution to the whole skull theme. In a barrette of course. I'm unsure as to whether to add these to the website for sale. I'd love to hear opinions.