Skull Bag

It's funny that Shari posted about my love of skulls, because I've been working on a new bag with what else, but a skull applique. I can't seem to escape their somewhat scary and humorous faces. This one is not the final product, though I feel it's close to the actual design. I feel like it needs a few tweeks here and there. Let me know what you think.

I absolutely love working with wool felt. It's so versatile and strong. It takes lots of wear and tear and it holds is shape well. It's nice to work a bag like a sculpture. If you look through the handle you can glimpse the first attempt at making this new bag. It turned out a bit out of shape. I tried to keep the seams inside, but it just bunched up when I reversed it. The felt was too stiff. That is why all the seams are on the outside on this new one. I like the blanketstitch look anyway. It makes it look very finished and handcrafted.


Blogger bonnindesigns said...

OH, I Love that bag Silvia.
The shape is so fun.

6:44 AM  

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